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Flip Book Art - Jonah and big fish

This flip book is about the bible story "Jonah and big fish" (Jonah 1:17, 2:10). It was created by a nine years old, in April 2021. Simple but bright colours, unique angles, smooth movements. Thank God for blessing these children with abundant art talents and potentials. #Bible #Art #FlipBook

Jonah 1:15-17 NLT

Then the sailors picked Jonah up and threw him into the raging sea, and the storm stopped at once! [16] The sailors were awestruck by the LORD’s great power, and they offered him a sacrifice and vowed to serve him. [17] Now the LORD had arranged for a great fish to swallow Jonah. And Jonah was inside the fish for three days and three nights.

Jonah 2:1, Then Jonah prayed to the LORD his God from inside the fish.

Jonah 2:10, Then the LORD ordered the fish to spit Jonah out onto the beach.

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